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Touchy Instant Coffee: Bolivia David Mamani


This adorable box contains six servings of INSTANT COFFEE.

“With great coffee comes great responsibility,” they said. And to that, WE said—ok but what if you could just add water instead? Next thing you know—BOOM, we’ve got absolutely delightful coffee that’s been brewed, freeze-dried, and portioned into single servings ready to be sipped in an instant!

Just add ~8 oz of water (hot OR cold), stir it up real good, and enjoy.

  • Taste Notes: Almond, Croissant, Silky
  • Sensory: Nutty Professor, Smooth, Confectionery Sugar, Pastry Party
  • Region: Caranavi, Bolivia
  • Grown By: David Mamani on Finca el Paraiso
  • Elevation: 1350 masl+
  • Varieties: Field Blend
  • Processing: Washed