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Ghost Hot Honey


We are a family run Minority-owned business and we passionately make small batch 100% American craft spicy hot honeys. We work with a tight network of Midwestern beekeepers to make our Ghost Honey. Heat Level 10,000 Scoville An upfront burn that is noticeable but the sweetness helps push the heat to the side. We would call it 3.5/10 on heat. Only the best ingredients Our Ghost Honey only has 3 ingredients : Raw Honey - Ghost Peppers - Vinegar  Drizzle it on raw veggies, fresh fruit, cornbread, chicken wings and vanilla ice cream. It is perfect for grilled meats, charcuterie and cheese boards. We recommend getting creative with it. Bake with our hot honey or add some to your cocktails. It makes an excellent binder for dry rubs on smoked ribs. Spice up those brussels sprouts or even your favorite frozen pizza. Delicious and Versatile : Our Spicy Hot Honey is the new hot sauce. Our pure raw honey comes from the Midwest and is sustainably harvested. Proudly 100% American Made.