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Dumplings Gift Wrap


As a child, Hclou made dumplings with her amah each lunar new year. From her home to yours, she sends luck, love, and prosperity as you begin a new year! Please note these special edition roles are 6ft long

Hclou is an angry gemini earth dragon, multiracial, asian, queer, cisgender, disabled, survivor/surviving, anxious, and depressed womxn of color artist and educator. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, which is the historical occupied land of the Dakota and Anishinaabe peoples. Find more about Hclou at: or on Instagram @hclou

GiftyWrap ROLLS are:
(1) 30" wide and 6' feet long 
(2) 100% post consumer recyclable
(3) Designed by small artists
(4) Produced in the USA

GiftyWrap produces speciality wrapping paper that is representative of the diverse communities we live in. We believe every person should feel seen and reflected in the products used to celebrate them. Compared to the unfeeling and generic patterns of balloons, stripes and dinosaurs, our quality paper is intentionally designed by artists to connect with gift recipients. Loudly and proudly celebrating a diverse array of holidays, our paper is bringing back the joy and intentionality to gift giving. GiftyWrap products invests in the art community, is culturally inclusive, and has a Midwest flair. Our shop is a safe place to find celebratory products for all. Minnesota headquartered and USA printed.