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Tony's Small Chocolate Bars


Dark Almond Sea Salt 51%
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee 42%
milk caramel sea salt 32%

1.8oz per bar

Dark Almond Sea Salt: This dark chocolate bar has got it all: almonds and sea salt. A golden match! Pass the salt please...

Milk Chocolate: Not just a classic milk chocolate bar, but our classic chocolate bar. It was the first bar we ever made, back in 2005. We gave it a screaming red wrapper to attract attention to our mission.

dark milk pretzel toffee: Pretzel? Yummy. Toffee? Yes please. Dark milk chocolate? Say it ain't so! Put crunchy pretzel pieces with a sweet toffee crunch in dark milk chocolate with 42% cocoa, wrap in a purple wrapper and we have ourselves a fan favorite flavor!

Dark Chocolate: This bar contains at least 70% cacao. Se-ven-ty! This means we use a lot of cocoa beans.. This dark chocolate delicacy is designed for the true chocolate lover.

Fairtrade cocoa, sugar and honey. Sugar with mass balance. Minimum 69%. Visit