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3oz Cloudy BjornQorn

$5.50 $2.75

The BjornQorn Cloudy (we call it Cloudy Qorn) is slow roasted for a crunchier texture and sprinkled with just the right amount of salt. Fans say it has that classic indie movie theater taste!

In truth it was a creation of circumstance. While popping over our solar dishes we were sometimes interrupted by pesky clouds. With the sun's rays blotted out our popcorn took too long to pop and came out white and crispy. It was overdone for our 'classic' flavor. But we kept these special batches for ourselves. Just a touch of salt revealed something to cherish.

Here are some takes from Bon Appetit and Epicurious to help your decision:

“BjornQorn is the only packaged popcorn worth buying.” -Bon Appetit

“BjornQorn is the best popcorn ever.” -Epicurious

So give it a shot!

3 oz bag