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Botanically-Dyed Silk Bandana Scarf


Share your natural, creative esthetic with the world and effortlessly add style to your ensemble with a botanically-dyed habutai silk bandana. This color way was designed with a custom blend of botanicals to create a meadow-like mixture of golden tans, greens, blues, pinks. Habutai silk is a lightweight silk fabric with a slight sheen that is easy to tie into various styles as a neck scarf, or add style to a ponytail, top knot or dress up the strap of your favorite bag. Each bandana comes packaged in a matte black box with cotton fill. The exact bandana you receive may differ slightly from the photo—because every single piece is one-of-a-kind!

-100% silk
-Approximately 21” square (each varies a little!)
-Machined flat hem