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Bourbon Cocktail Cherries - 2.75oz


You asked and we listened, we are now offering our Good Food Award winning, small batch Bourbon Cocktail Cherries in a smaller picnic size! 

These organic sour cherries steeped in syrup made from Colorado produced heritage 4-grain Bourbon, organic Guatemalan Cardamom and fair trade Madagascar grown vanilla are nothing short of cocktail perfection. Rich, tart, sweet, aromatic and a perfect blend of fruit and spices from top tier growing regions of the world.

Use these cherries for garnish and the syrup for mixing. They are also beautiful over a creamy ice cream.

De-stemmed & pitted (though be careful, there are some rogue ones). 

Ingredients: *Sour Cherries, *cane sugar, Laws Whiskey, *lemon juice, *beet juice, vanilla extract, cardamom, cherry extract. *ORGANIC

Size: 2.75oz  - approximately 16 cherries
Some Pairing Suggestions...

Cocktails: A Winter Sueño, Old Fashioned, Summertime in the Pines , Manhattan, etc, etc, etc.
Breakfast: yogurt stir in
Appetizers: Cherry & Brie bites, Cherry Goat Cheese Crisps
Dessert: ice cream topper, shake condiment