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Blue Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea - Incense Paper Booklet


Traditional Eritrean Incense paper made from cedarwood

The “historical” booklet of Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea (Aromatic Paper of Eritrea) has remained unaltered since 1927. It consists of 24 strips ready to be burned, soaked in the inimitable and exquisite aromatic essence composed of absolutely natural and pure essential oils, and resins.

Each booklet has 24 strips.

This is a book of incense paper strips similar to Papier d'Arménie or Armenian papers and they are those rare, traditional European apothecary and lifestyle find that make exquisite and unique gifts (especially to yourself!).

Carta Eritrea incense papers are made in Italy and when you light one, it will perfume your space. Original Eritrean Paper Incense was first made in 1927 and remains unchanged and is a fresh fragrance prepared with cedarwood sweetened by vanilla, patchouli, and resins.