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Mini Hoops Tchatchat


Delicate small bronze hoops gilded with fine gold, entirely shaped and engraved by hand. These are curls so light that they can be worn day or night and go with you on all your adventures! Their history: In the Sahara, patterns and jewelry often have magical powers. For the Tuaregs, the Woodabe Peulhs, each small object hanging on the body carries a meaning, a history, a force that protects them, gives them courage to face the desert. I was inspired by these talismans to design the "Les Grigris" collection. These loops take the shape of the little necklaces of the young girls, the "tchatchat" which form these corollas. They are so small that they adhere perfectly to the earlobe.

Composition, sizes, weight: Bronze gilded with 24 carat fine gold. Weight: 1 gram Diameter 1 cm Gilded with fine gold by a Parisian craftsman.