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Earrings Silver Embroidered Hoop


Large hoops in solid 999 recycled silver, embroidered with cotton thread. Made in Niger by Tuareg artisans, design and finishes in France. 

Their history : I wanted to integrate color into the metal, I wanted to integrate an ephemeral and sensitive link in precious silver, I wanted the men who make the jewelry to need the women to come and embroider them. That’s why I started to embroider my jewelry. These creoles have quite traditional silhouettes in the Sahara and are light on the ears. The colored lines underline the work of the engravings, a setting sun appears…

Composition, sizes, weight: Weight: 4.5g Material: Solid 999 recycled silver Hoop diameter: 4 cm The Ombre Claire silver is recycled, every time the silver melts the impurities in the metal melt and the silver purify itself that is why our metal is so pure and so clear.