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Hands Belt


1 (XS to M)
2 (M to XXXL)

Ohlala… Here is a brand new Coucou Suzette creation! A round of applause for the new one in town: the belt!

We are in love with this 1,8 cm thin belt, adjustable and made of faux black croc (vegan of course). It is decorated with one of the iconic symbols of the brand - the perfectly manicured little hands under which you have the hook clip. A creative belt to add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to any outfit!

  • Composition: vegan leather (polyurethane) and cellulose acetate buckle.

Available in two sizes : 

  • Size 1 : 87 cm maximum (from XS to M)
  • Size 2 : 134 cm maximum (from M to XXXL)