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Buy 5 cards get 1 free; no code needed :) Buy 5 cards get 1 free; no code needed :)

Iron-on Flocked Letter Sets


I created the font Grandmaster Clash based on an iron-on typeface from the 70's and 80's. The whole point was to be able to design merch that had that old school feel. Then I realized that if it worked so well as iron-on letters, why not turn it in to iron-on letters? So here it is! White, Black, and Puke Green flocked letters that can be applied with a household iron. Big size are 1.6" tall and Mini's are 1" tall. See photos for characters that are included. Extra ADD ON (must be ordered with set) letters are available in Regular size White only at the moment and you can get them here as an add on to your order TIP: "N" and "U" are interchangeable by flipping upside down.