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Mama Lil's Kick Butt Peppers In Oil (Spicy)


Kick butt peppers in garlic oil (spicy) - 12oz.

Mama Lil's kick-butt pickled peppers in oil are a slightly hotter version of our "original" mildly spicy pickled peppers in oil.

They're the same complex sweet spicy flavor profile, with the heat kicked up a notch! Just like the original, the 'kick butt peppers' are pickled. They have a sweet spicy kick that's hot enough to satisfy the hot pepper fans, yet can still be enjoyed by those who have a more moderate appreciation of spicy foods! 

Heat-wise they're somewhere between a medium to hot salsa. And just like the original Mildly spicy pickled peppers in oil, the oil is excellent for cooking and dressings.