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Baby Burp Cloth - Dinosaur Print - 100% Cotton Muslin


You won't believe how soft and gentle these baby burp cloths are on a brand new baby's fragile skin. And the more you wash the softer they get.

Our best selling baby product! Gentle on baby's skin and made from natural, breathable 100% cotton muslin, this burp cloth keeps mom and baby feeling fresh, dry and stylish. The lightweight, open weave of the fabric makes it more absorbent than your average terrycloth or gauze burp cloth. Burp cloth for babies: super soft on the skin making them a perfect burp cloth, nursing cover, swaddle and so much more!

Handmade from beautiful 100% cotton double gauze fabric. Organic GOTS Certified. Burp cloths are perfect as a gift. Nicely packaged and super fast shipping. No parent can ever have too many muslin burp cloths as they can be used for so many things!

As burp cloths are designed to be ultra-absorbent, it’s unsurprising they make excellent towels. For the best result use the burp cloth over your shoulder while burping your little one.