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Pumpkin, Spookie Seed Packets


Spookie Pumpkin Seed Packets Delightfully sweet and full of flavor, Spookie is a great choice for pumpkin pie. High-yielding vines produce numerous 6-pound uniform pumpkins with a fine textured flesh. A great cross between Sugar Pie and Jack O'Lantern. After danger of frost has passed, plant spookie pumpkin seeds in hills. 3-6 seeds per hill. Thin seedlings to 3 plants per hill. They need room to spread out so be sure to provide about 4 feet from any other plants. If possible, water during extended dry periods to encourage better fruit production. SPOOKIE PUMPKIN SEED INFORMATION: Lifecycle: annual (vining vegetable) Sowing Method: direct sow Time to Maturity/Harvest: about 3 1/2 months Sun Requirement: sun Ideal Germination: 75°F Spacing: 36" Depth: 1" Height: 12-18" Seeds/Oz: 200 Seeds Per Packet: 30-35 Uses: pies, roasting, puree, carving and is rich with fiber, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, and carotene alpha and beta Heirloom Year: 1966 Heirloom Pl